The crystals shake in their chambers

Vibrations from my voice

I don’t care if this cliff



Aurora Borealis

Is nowhere to be seen

She has lost her sight

And mind


Patterns don’t exist

If love cannot breathe

Our love against the cold

I couldn’t win alone


We found hands to hold

Reaching in the dark

Paper hearts

Playing with fire


It’s just one more day

Not a lifetime

My spirit watch it sing

As it whistles through past times


A summer bursting with colour

Skyscrapers and blue quays

Death had never been duller

Then night stretched from under
(Northern Lights Erupt)

(Echo comes into effect)


We found hands to hold

Reaching in the dark

Paper hearts

Playing with fire


Every star

Every wish

Only you


We’d found hands to hold

Holding through the dark

I couldn’t fight off the cold, alone

One set of footprints in the snow

Paper hearts

Playing with fire



Ice Knife.
Foal Heart.
Wicked swipe.
You pulled out
A piece of glacier.
Ice Knife. You pushed
This piece into my chest
Kept it there until I froze.
Held it there I turned cold. You.
Then you left me on this white cliff.
How can hugs so warm, lips so wet, be ice.
Louder – Break
What I think.
More? Deeper
Into the drink.
You don’t love me.
Your afflcition
Brought me
To the most
Beautiful, most
Devastating place
I have ever been.
You are my Weapon
Of Choice.



*Peacefully paced, footsteps in snow*




“If I…”

“Let go?…”

“Let go…”




*Holding back angry tears*







“..Then why are you letting me go?”
“I don’t know what else to do.”

“So that’s it then? Just leave me because you’re confused?”
“I don’t want to hurt you anymore.”
“This is hurting me. This is the worst possible thing you could do to me?!”

“I’m sorry.”

“I love you.”
“…I love you too”