That’s It – I’m Fucked Forever Now

You know me, brother

Fourteen in the Seventies
Little big and strange feelin’s
We’re either men or soon to be dead sons meant to be men
And we refuse to feel afraid again

Our hands stink of steel and our guns sweat like skin
Yeah we have them, don’t use them

Not nothin’ to anybody
I’m not nothin’ to anybody
Can’t you see I’m here?
Can’t you hear me here?
Black in the dark, “that’s it – I’m fucked forever now”
Gunshot shouts loud
You heard that

We never stood a chance
No we never stood a chance
They stamped our heads and doused ink on our hands
“Assimilate to the new world!” goes the chant
“Breathe at the bottom
Die young, get slaughtered.
Welcome to the new world – we all love it.”

Loveless this way, but to our dear ma’s, they never failed us
But to exist between worlds with different rules is dangerous
Forgive us for fightin’ for life, despite the dynamic concept of wrong or right

Not nothin’ to anybody
Not nothin’ to anybody
Can’t you see me here?
Hear me here;

Ripped a shot in the dark, that’s it – I’m fucked forever now
Caught with only ink on my hands
A warning crack fuck sake stay the fuck away from me, from my family
And just like that

Man-to-man, that’s it – I’m fucked forever now
We never stood a chance
You know me, brother
You know my head
My name’s always been scribed on the bars of prison cells
It’s this or it’s death

And after the arrest, he was never free again
I knew him all me life – if he was ever free –
I don’t know when

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