I left a lot of nights to blue
Exactly what happened, I’ve never had a clue
Nobody ever really cared about me
Despite how far I went, how dangerously
Into the streets
Myself and me

And all along the roads I never believed in
I came across some nodes, their tips beating
A gang of them, didn’t know their names or meanings
But still said I’d go to lose the evening
Closed all the doors

My pupils wide,
Top me up all night
And would you believe?
I’m only seventeen

We went skipping on train tracks, my nameless friends that
Gave me my youth by removing the child from me
Nobody ever really listened to me,
So I sinned and snuggled into an inner duality
Became two different boys, just for the company
To contrast my crooked reality

All along those roads, he was all I had to know, to believe in
I came across no more than what he was thinking
He countered all of my hopes, so we could pretend we’re dreaming
Went up and low, just to feel it
Closed all the doors

My pupils riot,
Pill poppin’ high
Would you believe?
I’m only seventeen


He says to me
“You’re the greatest you’ll ever be, at seventeen”
His hands are on me,
Because I’m only seventeen
Is it life or a dream?
I’m only seventeen

I’m only seventeen

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