Gemini Pain

They are ancient tomes;
Moon and water,
Push and pull,
Yin and yang,
Harmony and discord.

Which bustle and bend within the spirit of the Gemini
Whom all know;
Every mind is a city
And we thirst to reside there;
In all of them, In all of you.
Our behaviour the balance of your mind,
We sway our hands dangerously holding the scales of your sanity,
Effervesce and fix.

You’ll know us in the crowds, by our eyes
Wicked side smile and insipid side step,
Narrowly avoiding what would destroy us-
After feeling the threatening tremble of it’s power,
How we wouldn’t have it any other way,
Pain and pleasure.

Addicted to the taste of our trauma,
We obsess over the identities of secrets,
We speak in whispers and reveal them but in a tongue you won’t understand
Plume and harden.

It’s being made of glass, with a dark past
It’s honey warm eyes, with a cold unbeating heart,
Of speaking code, the yes behind the no,
Of delivering soul, at a cost of everything you know
Hold and dislocate.

The Gemini, must survive in duality;
In constant confliction,
A mind unremittingly broken,
A mind relentlessly constructing.
Disintegrate and redintegrate.

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