some sort of leer I got
moths attracted to rot
the damaged and our drawing flair
disproportionary beacons of beware

i am forgiving, it’s my nature
i said hey sir it’s nice to meet ya
he took my hand and i was aware he had it

where is your past? i am water against it
tip toeing the train tracks, i will venture back
caught on thick weeds, witness horror in the dark
the secrets they keep, the victims they reap, if not us they seek, the stainless they will streak

he asked me about my p’s and q’s, there are names and enemies
i said there is paper in pools, pirates on the pacific
where there is water we may drown, on air we depend
we have began, now await our end

‘fools fear the future’ yet we run from what has been done, what is to become will have already been done oh for some, it will be done

release the fractures within, deliver me
i have lost, i am giving in
rap my bones with rope or keep me alight
tell my mam i was ready to die
we are given just enough time

i really wanna talk about it, i need someone to talk about it, can we talk about it
i’m petrified

get off me, i wept
you’re going to kill me, i’d fret
i was not conscious, my heart so heavyset
and the other broke my heart
And he broke my heart

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