Life’s Greatest Paradox

I feel like I’m granted only a set amount of time with people, anyone, in my life

And it’s not about choice

Grow close to someone just to have an unmountable wall wedged between us

All support is then temporary

And all love is then just heartbreak waiting to be felt

Life births us and from then we have to die, and so everything we make too, under life’s ruling, is also finite

It is a cruel lesson, awaiting the inevitable end to everything, the by-product being that the little time we are allocated is spent with worry and trying to disengage so the scissors won’t hurt as much as possible

If I could I would keep them, but I cant, and I have tried

We have only ourselves forever, which is torturous in itself because time away from me is what I need. But he is just as fast as I am, just as strong and he knows all my hiding spots

But it’s there where life is limited

Only in death can we part from ourselves, soul from mind, mind from body, body from heart, but to join death we must escalate life’s ageing system and end everything we have made

Life’s Greatest Paradox

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