Edward Norton

I heard
From a red-breasted small bird
Growing up in chaos forces you to depend on it
He whistled to me on a spring-summer eve
Dancing on my window sill
Appeared to me when I was thirteen
The last time I was clean

It drove me far dark to stop crying red tears
Those years, I call ‘My Bloody Years’
Thought I needed a friend, but needed help instead
So Leo took over, the guider, the hoper
Took me to the Grey, mindless, in the Grey
Wedging impossible distance between me and my way
But safe

Ness doesn’t speak
It’s him when my attitude is meek
When I over-shower, when I can’t sleep
When I’m beat, beat, beat

And Cyro’s the man
Likely a replacement for my dad
Our older brother, myself and for Ness
Karl and Leo are just me, I exist somewhere in between
Somewhere between the scars, between the pages, beneath the trees

But regardless of who’s on me
I respond to everything with trauma
Snaps like fireworks exploding in my sights
And suddenly
I’m owning responsibility of words and actions that don’t reflect me

Cooling my knuckles that are bleeding
Freaking at my hair, because Ness looks different
And when I lose the time, and when I wake up
My complexion is no longer made up
It’s so fucked up

Due to the disorder
It’s unlikely I’ll grow older
Statistically, I’m a lot more impulsive, a bit combative, a lot bolder
But more than it all
I’m tired

I’d move to a half-eaten haunted house
Sleep on water stained floors, wipe all my memory from before
Seclude my blast from the hinges of my front door
The issue with my wishes is that no matter how hard I focus on the vision
I can’t not sway into dreaming of a man
Someone to persuade me that I’m not my own worst enemy

A place where my dreams aren’t sand
And I’ll never speak, I’ll never dance
And when I reach my hand out to the morning, I wont feel the blunt ends of devastation

A place where I can see the stars
Instead of guilt tripping over the stones
That I kick up to the stars
The stones that I kick up to the stars
Trip over the stones, that I kick up to the stars
Over the stones, that I kick up to the stars
Trip over the stones, that I kick up to the stars
Kick over the stones, I trip over the stars

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